I have more than 22 years experience working as a print production artist, and I have even been known to design a few things from time to time. I have several interesting specializations: multilingual typesetting, financials typesetting and work for artists and creative non-profits.

multilingual typesetting

sprechen zie Deutsch?

In our increasingly globalized world, we often need to communicate with people in diverse linguistic groups. This is a challenging task and even more challenging when there is a need to maintain consistent brand standards across translations into several languages.

I can help you communicate both your message and your brand effectively in a multilingual context. With a degree in theoretical linguistics and more than 7 years of multilingual typesetting experience, I am well-equipped to solve the design problems posed by multiple translations. I have typeset many languages, including those written using non-latin alphabets and/or right-to-left orientations.

Languages I have typeset include:

  • Arabic
  • Assyrian
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Dari
  • English
  • Farsi
  • French
  • German
  • Gujurati
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Pashto
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Urdu

I am always interested in taking on the challenge of another language and/or writing system.

P.S. people always ask, so, here’s the answer: no, I don’t speak, read and/or write all of these languages. I’m only literate and fluent in English and French. How can I do this, is the next question? Call or e-mail me and I’ll tell you all about how I work and what processes we’ll follow to ensure that your job gets done right.

for artists and creative non-profits


Artists and creative non-profits have a special set of needs. I understand, because I am an artist, too.

You need work done well, on a tight budget. Perhaps you’ve already invested in having a brand identity created, but you need help extending it for a new project. Flyers, posters, buttons, t-shirts, album art, e-mail newsletters, temporary tattoos, I’ve done it all! And, I promise not to steamroller you with my hotshot ideas. I understand that you need your vision brought to life.

Using the top navigation, please have a look around my music site to see some of the pieces I’ve created to support my work as a recording artist and performer.

financials typesetting

accuracy is my middle name

For years, I worked in the financial district in Toronto, typesetting annual reports. Hundreds of reports, thousands of rows and columns, tens of thousands of numbers. Every digit and decimal point in the right place; every book readable and compelling. Accurate. Classy. Cool.

I can do this for you. Whether you need to free up some bandwidth in your studio during a busy spell, or just don’t see why you and your team should do days of grunt work when you could be working on concepts for your next project, outsourcing the back end of your financials, catalogues and other multi-page documents to me can save you time, energy and hassle.


902.298.1455 (Nova Scotia)
416.532.8287 (Ontario)

Please note, I generally work in a remote virtual office using a purely digital workflow. I am available for in-person work in Nova Scotia or elsewhere by special arrangement.