First and foremost, YOU are my friend. Thank you for visiting my web site.

I have a lot of friends and there are also a lot of people whose work I love, even if I don’t know them personally. I would like to share my rich world of friends and admirees with you. Check them out.


Tanya Philipovich

Maria Kasstan

Lynn Harrison

The Extremities

Dolores Dagenais

The Mountain Firework Company – a phenomenal band who also happen to have one of my favourite web sites on the entire Internet

Susan Crowe

Dianne Latchford

Mel Farrimond

concert series, festivals and venues



Acoustic Roof House Concert Network

Acoustic Roof Blog

public and community radio

CBC Music

art, photography, design, theatre, dance, literature and history – The amazing Mike Western who created this gorgeous poster for the launch of my 2012 CD, Blackbirds.

Janet Barkhouse – poet, fiction and essay writer and also my mom. – it’s not what you look at, it’s what you see

Kate Story – original Canadian dance, theatre and her wonderful novels, Blasted, Wrecked Upon This Shore, This Insubstantial Pageant and Antilia.

Monnet Design – award-winning graphic design

Indira Sinton – original Canadian poetry

Judson Sinton – intriguing math art and other cool stuff

Formac – Publishers of my nana, Joyce Barkhouse’s book, Pit Pony, and the Pit Pony Picture Book which was abridged by my mom, Janet Barkhouse.

Lunenburg Town Walking Tours – There is no better way to experience Canada’s premier UNESCO World Heritage Site

Alex Hickey Design and Production – Um, my day job.

business services for creatives

STAR Company – book-keeping and other services for creatives (I made their fishy icons for their web site).

Communications Distillery – writing and editing solutions for the overwhelmed entrepreneur

wellness and personal development – Nia classes to make your heart sing and your body thrive

Jamie Ridler Studios – this creativity coach will get your juices flowing

Gunsinger Coaching – Love and whoop-ass for your life – shiatsu with the amazing Matt Sedo – traditional chinese medicine for your body, mind, heart and spirit, Dr. Kaleb Montgomery

creativity – In-person and e-writing classes that will bring your creative expression to new heights – craft and other creative workshops, cultural events, art gallery, craft shop – Peterborough Rock Camp for Girls: a rock ‘n’ roll summer camp for girls and also home of the Women’s Rock Weekend (a rc4g fundraiser and a wicked good time)

good causes

Heartwood – Youth engagement for positive community change

Sketch – working arts for street-involved youth

The Stop Community Food Centre

That’s Women’s Work – working to create an art gallery and creative space for self-identifying women artists in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood of Toronto

sustainable/local food (Nova Scotia)

West Dublin Market – I (heart) my home market

Watershed Farm – Community Shared Agriculture and Market produce