About The Day the Money Run Out:
Following her 2009 break-up-themed CD, Love Bites, Toronto-based indie singer-songwriter Alex Hickey is back with The Day the Money Run Out, a rallying cry for the dispossessed and downsized set against a backdrop of toe-tapping roots-y folk.

Through 12 thoughtful tracks, Alex casts a fluorescent light on what has gone absurdly wrong with our society post-economic downturn, be it greed, environmental collapse or disregard for the suffering of others. Through cleverly-crafted lyrics and expressive vocals she tackles fears and obsessions that many of us can relate to: getting fired (“Human Resources Blues”), having to move back in with your folks (“The Day the Money Run Out”) or searching for spirituality at the cash register (“Buy More Buddhas”).

“ The bossman sits securely in his corner,
his hands so lily-white it is obscene
while HR leaves a blood-trail through the office,
just so management can save a little green.”
—Human Resources Blues

Although poverty and wage slavery may seem like heavy topics, the CD doesn’t get bogged down in
seriousness. There is plenty of humour (“Salthill Road”), hope (“Never Too Late”) and even a couple of lullabies (“Daytime Lullaby”, “Rest with Me Tonight”) thrown in to remind us all to take it easy or, as the artist says, “to help prevent death from overwork.”

Musically, the album blends melody and harmony with crisp acoustic guitar and a generous sprinkling of electric guitar, bass, banjo, violin and percussion. The end result is an infectious collection of songs that tell the stories of our time, inspiring and uplifting the listener by embracing both harsh truths and hope.

“ She sounds like the love-child of Rufus Wainwright and Ani DiFranco.”
—Shari McGarvie, Fan