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About the album:

On the day Rob Ford was elected Mayor of Toronto in 2010, Alex Hickey posted on Facebook: “Doesn’t anyone out home have a room they could rent me?” and eight weeks later she was back home in Nova Scotia, living on the South Shore in West Dublin.

For this frank and funny songwriter, homecoming has been full of musical inspiration. She convened at The Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS with musical collaborators, Jude Pelley (Pennybrook), Alan Jeffries (Alan Jeffries & Slim Pickins, David Myles Trio), Jordi Comstock (six time musician of the year nominee, Music Nova Scotia) and Jay Crocker. There they placed the task of production and mixing in Diego Medina’s capable hands. Additional vocals and piano were contributed by Jennah Barry (The O Darling); while Tom Terrell (The Modern Grass Quartet) makes a special guest appearance, singing on the duet, Moonshine and Mischief.

The result is an expert, joyous folk record, with serious bluegrass and country leanings, a couple of great sing-along songs and three a cappella songs that sound like traditional classics, despite being new compositions.

There’s a song about shale gas extraction (Can’t Be Rich On Shattered Land), love songs, both doomed and hopeful (Moonshine and Mischief, My Knees are Pushing 40, but my Heart’s Just 17, 11 Kinds of Itchy, Blackbird), and songs celebrating the land (Cellphone Service, Coming Home) and lamenting the economic trials facing Nova Scotians (River Road). There’s a thoughtful tribute to renowned Nova Scotian Rug Hooker, Doris Eaton (Doris’ Song). There’s even a song about making out on the beach after missing the ferry ride home (LaHave River Ferry).

This is a deeply local record. Most of the musicians drove just a few kilometres to the recording studio. The painting on the album’s cover is The Caretaker, by Lynn Misner of Lunenburg’s Power House Gallery. Alex takes the concept of “Home” very seriously.

Track Listing

1. River Road
2. Coming Home
3. Can’t Be Rich (On Shattered Land)
4. Doris’ Song
5. Blackbird
6. Moonshine and Mischief (featuring Tom Terrell)
7. 11 Kinds of Itchy
8. LaHave River Ferry
9. Cellphone Service
10. My Knees Are Pushing 40, But My Hearts Just 17
11. Jimmy Dean
12. The Minnie Pearl

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