Well, hello and welcome to my brand-new, spiffed-up, totally shiny and fluffy Web site. Why not get yourself a cup of tea and stay a while – listen to some tunes, tap your toes and hum along?

That’s me in the picture on the right – Alex Hickey – a Nova Scotian singer-songwriter who writes catchy, down-to-earth folk and country songs about poisonings, love, bicycles, feminism, economics, cellphone service and many other things.

I’d be willing to bet that I have a song that will make you smile
(My Knees are Pushing 40, But My Heart’s Just 17). Or laugh
(Buy More Buddhas). Or well up with tears (Moonshine & Mischief).
Or all of the above (The Minnie Pearl).

So, have a look around. Listen to some tunes (click on Listen at the top of the page to launch the player), watch some video, hear my news, meet my friends, share your thoughts in a comment, connect with me on Facebook and Twitter or make plans to come to a show.

I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon!

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